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21 Mar

Yesterday was preview day for Busch Garden Williamsburg, VA pass holders. The lines to get into the park were pretty long. While sitting and waiting to pay for parking I looked over to the left. Two lanes away in a mini van with a North Carolina license plate that read *****-RN was a woman, in the front passenger seat with her infant sitting on her lap! It looked like she was putting socks on the baby and just getting him/her ready for the day. I could not believe that someone that was an RN or with an RN in their close family would be stupid enough to have a baby, outside of a carseat, in the front seat of a mini van! Some might argue that we were pretty much sitting there so it is no big deal. I would like to point out that you cannot control what others are doing or how they are driving. Not to mention that once they paid for their parking they would be then asked to drive to their parking location! It was so busy yesterday that the auxiliary parking lot was open (this is locate across a major road). I would just like to know-What were they thinking??