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Old Navy Bathing Suit Sample Share for Crowdtap

26 Jun

I was SO excited to finally get picked for the Old Navy Sample!  Not so excited about the fact that it was a bathing suit sample share…  That has nothing to do with Old Navy’s bathing suits, just about my body image.  Online Old Navy has a larger selection of suits, some that are not available in the store.  So I went to Old Navy and shopped for a new suit.  There wasn’t as much variety as I would have liked in the store closest to me, but that is only because I am VERY picky about the style I wear.  I can’t wear any suits that tie behind the neck because it gives me a headache; that took out a large portion of suits.  I also was not going to wear a traditional bikini, that is self explanatory…  I ended up picking a one-piece that is royal blue, so it compliments my red hair, green eyes, and fair skin.  I plan to go back and get a coverup that matches the suit so I can wear that also.  The suit itself is VERY comfortable!

The suit my daughter picked is a two-piece tankini with shorts, but is actually open in the back.  Still a very cute style and she is comfortable wearing it.   

     The suit I selected.         The cover-up I like.
The top that my daughter selected.
The variety of suits at my local store:

Old Navy is having a sale on all of their swim wear right now, that’s for the whole family too!  I hope I get picked again for an Old Navy Sample Share.  I’m sure I will do better now that I have had this experience!  I am a member of Crowdtap, I received these suits for free and all thoughts and opinions are my own.