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Potty Training

23 Mar

My youngest is going to be 2 in May. She has been going back and forth with potty training. I know it is a bit young, but she is the one that wanted to start. The problem is that she does not talk very much. When she needs to go she pats the front of her diaper and says “B”, the problem is that she says “B” for many other things also. So, if I am not in the same room with her I don’t know if she has to use the potty or not… Her new thing is to take her diaper off. If she is wearing pants she will take those off too. Today I put her on the toilet and went to do something else she got off the toilet (which she does often) and I told her to get a diaper, she did, I cleaned her up and went to her room and promptly stepped in her poop! I guess she didn’t go on the potty she went when she got the diaper… Fast forward an hour later. She was playing in her brother’s room calling “mommy” over and over (which she does all of the time, just for fun) then my son starts screaming… He stepped in her poop, this is new poop, she is out of her pants and diaper and my son didn’t notice her butt hanging out…

Not really sure what to do besides getting her onesies to wear while we are home. I tried to put underwear on her last week because she kept taking her diaper off, but she ended up peeing all over the place. She also will not go potty on a little one, she will sit on it, but no actually using it, that is what happened when she peed…

I know it is funny, but I really don’t know how to move her along in the potty area. I’m sure some people would say to wait, she is too young or not ready for potty training, but like I said, she is the one that initiated it… and trust me, when she wants to go potty you better take her!