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Writer’s Block

31 Jul

Wow! I didn’t realize it had been so long since I had posted. But, I am not the best at following through with writing. I have tons of ideas. I even start many of them, but I always run out of steam, or … I’m not really sure what happens… I have tons of excuses… I have three kids (13, 6, & 3) my husband, three dogs, a cat, two birds, and a fish. But, I’m pretty sure it comes down to the fact that I’m just lazy. I sit and watch television instead of writing. I do anything instead of writing. I hope that it will change; and soon!


Hermit Crabs in the House!

8 Apr

My sister and her kids just left after visiting for five days. While they were here we bought the kids hermit crabs. My kids have four and so do hers. I have been doing some research and they require quite a bit of attention and care. We thought they would be “easy” pets…. but we were wrong. I guess that is why you should research animals before you decide to buy them! I still think it is pretty neat to have the “hermies” as people call them. Hopefully my 12 year old will be responsible and change their water and food every other day and make sure they stay moist… but who knows yet! Only time will tell. They are pretty cute though. My almost 5 year old has named both of his “Crab” and my oldest has named hers “Beast” and “Hermit-the-Crab” my almost two year old did not get any because she can’t help take care of them at all, duh! I am going to try and take pictures of them soon…

23 Mar

What does it mean when your almost five-year-old tells your 12 year old that she has alot to learn from him?