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A Big Day For Our Family

2 Nov

Today was a big day for my two youngest kids.  First, my youngest got to go on her very first field trip.  She is in preschool and could hardly contain her excitement when I told her about it.  The first reason she was so thrilled is because her big brother never went on a field trip in preschool or kindergarten, so she was pretty keen on doing it.  The next thing is that she was going to be able to ride a school bus, she is always asking to ride the public bus. 

They went to the pumpkin patch, it was the last day it was open, and all the kids were very happy to be there.  The first thing they did was go on a hay ride around the farm and look at horses.  Then they went to the petting zoo where there were cows, chickens, sheep, goats, llamas, miniature horses, pigs, and donkeys.  The last item on the agenda was picking out pumpkins, even though they were closing down for the season, there was still a pretty good selection.

This was the fattest pig and I thought it was cute.

 I feel like I should explain something.  My youngest is very shy and her going to school was a huge adjustment for her.  She cried for the first week every day that I left and her teacher actually had to physically pry her off of me so I could leave.  She has gotten better and I can now leave pretty much right after I bring her into class, but she still isn’t really talking while she is there.  Everyday I hope that she suddenly opens up, but so far not so much. 

So, today she did ask my husband and I to come with her to the field trip.  But, then she wouldn’t leave our side….  I am guessing I bring that out in her, not my husband, me.  Being that she is always with me.  I actually had to threaten that I was going to sit in the car if she didn’t start doing some stuff on her own.  It worked, but I still feel bad and hope it gets better as time goes on.  She did have fun, though and that is what counts, right?

Now on to my son.  He is in second grade and this is his third year entering the PTA’s Reflections competition.  He has placed every year, but there is never a guarantee.  My husband and I were invited to the awards ceremony, but we didn’t know which category he won for or if he placed.  We were hoping for the best because last year both he and my oldest made it to the next round of competition.  This year my son chose to enter for literature and photography-the theme was The Magic of the Moment; and he won for both of them.  First place in photography and third place in literature, he was thrilled, especially because his photography piece will be forwarded to the next level of the competition automatically.

I’m not sure if anyone reading this has heard about the Reflections competition, but any PTA in good standing can participate (I think) so, you should ask your school about it.  Next years theme has already been picked, it is BELIEVE, DREAM, INSPIRE.  I haven’t found out yet about my oldest daughter’s entries since she is in high school, each school has a slightly different timeline.  

My son going up to the stage for his first place award.

My son is already very confident, and these types of things add to that, which isn’t a bad thing.  That is as long as we keep him humble and help him understand the proper way to handle his good fortune. 

So yeah, a good day.