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November Already

1 Nov

I know I just did a post yesterday about the fact that it was Halloween and we were getting ready to go trick-or-treating (no loose nuts, by the way.)  But, that does not mean that I was ready for it to be November already!  In fact, yesterday the thought didn’t even occur to me that “Hey, tomorrow is November 1st.”  Is that crazy?  Maybe, maybe not.  I bet I am not the only one that had this day sneak up on them, right?  Not only that, but we have to set our clocks back this weekend.  Yep, that’s right, fall back an hour.

My husband and oldest daughter will appreciate this because right now he takes her to the bus stop while it is still dark out.  Pretty early, right?  She is in high school, and she is out of zone because she goes to a gifted school, so the bus has to go farther and therefore comes earlier.  So, maybe by setting the clocks back an hour they will have a bit of daylight?  We will have to wait and see.

So, how many of you already start decorating for Christmas on the 1st of November?  I have been reading around the internet about people ‘in the closet’ listening to Christmas music already.  I think it’s funny.  We know the stores have all had Christmas stuff in the background since they put up their Halloween goods and yesterday afternoon I went to a local Target and they were already enlarging their Holiday selections and shrinking their Halloween goods.  I am pretty sure it gets earlier every year and when one store does it, the others follow because lets face it, if they don’t they miss out on business.

I generally begin my decorating the weekend after Thanksgiving, that is when I try to get my tree and then I leave it up until after New Years (that varies because my oldest daughter’s birthday is on January 2nd.)  Who knows, maybe I will do it early this year?  Though, with how crazy everything seems for us this year, I don’t think that will happen.  I bet we will be lucky to get the tree when we normally do.  

So, Happy November!  Enjoy the fall weather.  I hope the people in the north are able to start picking up the pieces on the damages.  Take care.  If you enjoy my blog, please follow me.  Thanks for reading.