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Dino Lingo Language Learning Programs for Kids

5 Dec

I got the opportunity to preview these language learning programs for free of charge from Influenster. I will be honest, I had a difficult time deciding which Dino Lingo Language Learning Program for Kids to preview. There were 25 video clips available to watch. I was torn between the French, Chinese, Japanese, and Hebrew. Are you curious as to why these particular videos and learning programs might appeal to me? Well, read on and you will find out.

First, I was drawn to French because my oldest daughter is in her 4th year of French. She is 14, and I thought this would not only help her little brother and sister to bond with her and learn another language in the process, but I might pick up some of it too. The next two were Chinese and Japanese- my husband is always trying to teach our son bits of both of these languages when we go to restaurants etc. My husband has a passion for these languages and would be thrilled if our kids picked up more of them.

The final language I was drawn to was Hebrew. This is a bit more personal. A couple of years ago I found out that my birth mother has Jewish ancestry. I didn’t really know anything about Judaism. But, my husband knows something about pretty much everything did. He told me that being Jewish is passed through the mother. Since then we have started celebrating Hanukkah along with Christmas, we are still trying to learn customs and traditions.

The idea of my children (and me) learning Hebrew is very appealing to me. In the end my four year old and I watched the Hebrew Learning Video Clip for kids. She liked the animation of the dinosaurs and thought the sword fish was funny. Plus, she did repeat after the person in the video too.  I think these language learning programs for kids would be a great tool for teaching children a new language or re-enforcing a language they are already speaking that is newer to them.