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Comforts for Baby Wipes BzzCampaign

11 Feb

Hi!  So, my newest and most recent BzzCampaign is the Comforts for Baby line from Kroger Company Stores.   You would think that since my youngest is 3 and completely potty trained this would be a strange BzzCampaign for me to take part in.  I would disagree with you! 

In the Bzz Kit I got a package of Comforts for Baby wipes (full size), a two pack of sippy cups, a coupon for free diapers, wipes, or training pants, and several 20% off coupons to use and share.  Now, this post is strictly about the wipes.  The pack I got for free in the BzzCampaign box went to my son’s first grade class because as luck would have it; baby wipes were on the list of “things we need” the very same week I received them. 

Which leads me to the entire purpose of this post.  Baby wipes are not just for baby’s!  I use them all of the time on my kids to clean them up quickly after they have had a snack, played at the park, done crafts, etc. I keep them in the car and at home.  My son’s class uses them for the same reason-quick clean up.  This by no means replaces washing hands because they do that too and use antibacterial hand gel, but baby wipes are handy!  You can have them on had very easily and they work wonders!

I am very impressed with the Comforts for Baby wipes because they are soft so they don’t irritate my kids’ skin and I have sometimes had problems with “generic” wipes causing irritation on my son’s sensitive skin.  So far I have used one of the 20% off coupons myself and given one to my oldest daughter’s girl scout troop leader (she has grand kids.)  More than likely I will be using at-least one more to buy my son’s class another pack because, lets face it; in a class of 21 six year olds you can’t have enough baby wipes!  I am a BzzAgent!