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Update on CarMD–I’m a Bzz Agent!

23 Jan

Okay, so I have had the CarMd for more than a month. I only connected it to my car the first time. I was initially disappointed because you do not get the “full” use of the product without signing up for a subscription. I don’t agree with this since you already have to pay for the product everything should be included, at least for the first year! 

So, one day I checked my email and there was a message from CarMd. It said that as part of my package I also received a Premium Health Membership and I needed to activate it. Now, I can tell you that when I initially signed up for CarMd and set up my account I did not have any Premium access (as you can see from my first blog about this Bzz Campaign). Well, since CarMD has given me a one year premium membership to go with my system I can say I am much happier. 🙂

 The system itself works well, even though there was nothing wrong with my car at the time; it told me about recalls and available technical service bulletins (which is extremely useful)! I have three cars and they have all had multiple problems in the past. Usually my husband has to go to an automotive store and borrow one of these sensors come out to the car, hook it up in the parking lot, and then we have to write down what the error means. Having the CarMD as a tool for us to use on a day to day basis makes a huge difference to us!

My initial statements about the case color and case size still ring true. I think the case should be large enough to hold all cables and the sensor itself and I think the case should be a brighter color. Something my husband and I always look for when we buy cases for our electronics is color because we loose things way too easily! I am a BzzAgent!