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Susan Nichole Giveaway Every Thursday!

29 Dec

Check out because every Thursday (and sometimes more often) they do a giveaway! Go to her website to find out what you have to do to enter! It is super easy and her bags are AMAZING! They are completely vegan, she not only designs purses, but wallets too! I have not won yet, but I keep my fingers crossed every week! ๐Ÿ™‚ I am in no way affiliated with Susan Nichole’s website or giveaway, I have written this post with my own opinions! ๐Ÿ™‚


CarMD BzzAgent Initial Opinion Report

20 Dec

Got my CarMD yesterday in the mail. I am not commenting on the actual product right now. However, I would like to say that the case should be bigger. It only holds the reader, but not the cables. Since I am one for losing cables it would be super if the case actually held them too. Then, not as important; I think the case should be a different color than black because black cases are harder to see when you are looking for them. Lastly, I know I got a discount on this product, a pretty good one too, but there is yet another service that they try and get you to buy once you set everything up. It is called the CarMDยฎ Premium Vehicle Health Planโ„ข and it costs $29.85. I don’t know fully what that entails, but initially I am put off by that. I will try and find out more information before my next post because for some reason I can’t get back to that screen right now. This is just the beginning of this BzzAgent Campaign so I will have several more updates on this product, I am sure! I am a BzzAgent and I love it!

Final Review Kroger’s Truly Awesome Homestyle Chocolate Chip Cookies–I’m a BzzAgent and I love it

20 Dec

The is the end of the BzzAgent Campaign for Kroger’s Truly Awesome Homestyle Chocolate Chip Cookies, so I thought I would do one final blog about these delicious cookies! I am thrilled that I was chosen for this campaign and that it was my very first one. After all, what better way to get started with BzzAgent than with cookies?! Of the people that I shared with the percentage that liked them verses the ones that didn’t was definitely higher. I will continue buying these cookies, not necessarily to replace homemade cookies, but to replace other store bought chocolate chip cookies that I normally buy. I’m a BzzAgent and I love it!

20 Dec

This is my oldest daughter, Sammi, singing a song she wrote. Please watch the YouTube video and let her know what you think!

Part 3 Kroger’s Truly Awesome Homestyle Chocolate Chip Cookies-Still Yummy!

9 Dec

Well, just as an update… I am still a fan of Kroger’s Truly Awesome Homestyle Chocolate Chip Cookies! I have bought them twice since this campaign started. Both of the store bought packages were just as tasty as the free ones that came in the mail! Something else that came as a surprise is that I feel more confident in buying Kroger’s other food items in the same line. Maybe they were hoping it would happen that way? ๐Ÿ™‚ As an example, I was shopping at Kroger last week and needed macaroni and cheese; because my two girls NEED mac & cheese! Nothing was really on sale, so I took a look at Kroger’s brand. They actually have two different kinds- their regular “Kroger” brand and their “Kroger’s The Truly Awesome Macaroni and Cheese dinner.” Out of the two I tried the Truly Awesome one; my 13-year-old said “it was yummy”. I was trying to save money that is why I went with the “generic” brand, but really I would have sucked it up and bought the name brand instead. Since I was part of this BzzAgent campaign I decided it would be safe to try it and there was a pretty good chance it would taste good! I’m a BzzAgent!

Hill’s Science Diet Ideal Balance Mature Adult Chicken & Brown Rice Dinner Dry Dog Food-My Dog is Not so Sure–I’m a BzzAgent

1 Dec

I picked the Mature Adult Hill’s Science Diet food because one of my dogs is older and I thought she might do better with something made for her age. Especially since she has a problem with gas from some foods… ๐Ÿ˜› Well, I waited on this review because when I initially gave it to my dog she wouldn’t touch it. She sniffed at it a couple of times, but didn’t try it; not one piece. My husband ended up putting the drippings from some beef cheek he cooked on the food because she wasn’t eating. She gulped that down for sure! I gave the food to her again yesterday. This time she went to it right away and ate half of the bowl! I’m not really sure what caused her to not eat it and then decide to, but so far there is no gas! ๐Ÿ™‚ I am giving it only 3 stars because of the resistance to eat the Hill’s Science Diet Ideal Balance Mature Adult Chicken & Brown Rice Dinner Dry Dog Food initially. Once she finishes or IF she does I will do an update! As a side note- I had to keep reminding my husband not to give her extra “snacks” and put other things in her food bowl because we are testing this food. Our dogs are all a bit spoiled with different people foods… I’m a BzzAgent!